About Oly’s Hair Salon


Our salon was created with a view to providing a place where contemporary fashion forward thinking could exercise its creative edge.  We stand always “on the edge” but not over it.

Our services cater to both men and women and we also welcome children.  Our services include, but are not limited to, cuts, styles, color, color corrections, extensions, straightening, and styling.

Principles of Our Work


Diversity is today’s world is both a given and a virtue — and that is as true in hair styling as in life itself. We understand the challenges of every type of hair — thick, thin, curly, or straight. And this enables us to make everyone look fabulous.


Respect is not just a word but a philosophy in which we perform our work. Everyone who walks into our salon would be treated with the same respect as a cherished family member. By respecting you and listening to what you want, we can help you achieve the look that is you.


Consistency is the key to a stable of loyal clients. Every cut, every color, every blow-dry will  be as good as the one who received on your first visit.


Integrity, above all else, is our guiding principle. We have  been in business for many years because we have always acted with integrity. We know no other way.